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Your One Stop Wedding Band Store !!! We Have The Largest Selection and Lowest Price and Great Customer Service !!!

LA Parisien Design Company
Your One Stop Wedding Band Store !!! We Have The Largest Selection and Lowest Price !!!

Our company La Parisien Design Company Inc. has been established by Jack and Alan in 1979 as a small jewelry manufacturing company today with advanced technology, computers, machinery and the know how that we have in this field we felt that our presence on the web will be very beneficial to our customers.

Our web presence as has started in 2011, we also have a store front that you can see most of the styles live. Our store is located in the heart of jewelery district in Downtown Los Angeles.

Unlike other websites we have extensive product list in every available metal e.g. "10k, 14k, 18k" gold, 950 platinum, 950 palladium, tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium, black and white tungsten carbide, black tungsten carbide, black cobalt, PT950 and every combination of the above mentioned metals.

We have regular finger sizes for men and women in stock, delivery in most cases is 3 to 5 business day.
If we do not have your finger size in stock turnaround time will be an additional 3 to 5 business days.

We carry almost every style and design of wedding band that has been manufactured till today.
Our extensive line of bands are manufactured exclusively for La Parisien Design Company Inc.
All manufactured bands has to pass thru quality control department before being shipped out.
If we find any product that does not meet our high standard of manufacturing it will be rejected and a new one will be made immediately to meet our shipping deadline.
We can also custom make any ring with any metal according to customers specifications for an additional fee.

We have out of this world customer service we can handle almost every question that you may have, and if you are not still satisfied with our answers and recommendations please return the ring to us for full refund. Read our return policy section, some restrictions may apply.

Our knowledge base section has a lot of useful information about the metals we use, you will find it very useful in deciding which metal to order.

We thank you in advance for your business.

LA Parisien Design Company Inc.

625 South Hill St Ste 136-141
Los Angeles, CA 90014

1 (213) 236-2904